Workforce Development – More Than Just Training
Date: May 18, 2016
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Workforce Development – More Than Just Training
Mandy Skinner, The Wedge Group, Inc.

‘Should I train employees for the competition?’ – is probably what you are asking yourself every day.
The answer to this is yes. No matter what your thoughts are and you think that you are ‘smarter’ than training your employees who will just leave any way – let’s face it – a constant development is the key to a satisfied employee.

Why train your employees and reinforce workforce development?

Because they need it more than you will ever need it. And when they need it, your company needs it automatically. Investing in workforce development is investing in productive work. And if you want your employees to be productive and keep their jobs by doing so, it’s their responsibility do stay that way.

‘Why train them for my competitors?’ – you are asking yourself.

First and foremost, workforce development is more than training. At The Wedge Group, we take pride in developing employees, but this means shaping their character, emphasizing their values and shaping the attitudes about how they view themselves, their future and their employer as the bridge to new opportunities.

Therefore, if you choose to invest in technology, software, buildings and customer base to ‘protect’ your company – but not consider your livable assets guiding you in that matter, you may miss the whole point of success.

At The Wedge Group, we understand this and refer to workforce development as:

  • conducting needs assessments to develop the training curriculum and how the employees support the overall business mission
  • directing training classes ONLY with a strong business reason for them
  • conducting training classes which have a specific, behavioral or objective outcomes previously defined
  • reinforcing the skills taught in any of our previous courses
  • not tolerating discouragement of any kind and strongly disagree with that
  • conducting a complex process and understanding the needs and criteria of the business and its goals before starting the strategy

So, are you ready to pioneer a new change directed by your motivated employees and see success as a shared goal?

Choose Wedge Group and see your full potential driven by knowledge and experience in workforce development!

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About the author:

Mandy Skinner is the Head of Client Services at The Wedge Group, Inc., where she has worked with organizations such as Cornell University and Prudential Securities. Her service and support are individualized to meet the changing and diverse needs of all The Wedge Group’s clients.

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